Club Membership

As well as Full Pilot Membership, the Club offers Student Membership as you learn to fly, Veteran Membership if you are over 75 and have been a long term member, and Associate Membership for those who do not fly but like to keep in touch.

Membership entitles you to the discounted aircraft hire rates, 5% discount on pilot shop supplies, low cost long term aircraft basing agreements, discount aerodrome fees and newsletter subscription.

Full membership also offers a 50% discount on landing and parking fees for privately owned aircraft that are not based at Maitland Airfield.

Members also enjoy reduced flying rates for club competitions and fun days, these are organised by the Flying Sub Committee in conjunction with our honorary instructors.

The Annual Fee for 2018 is $190.00 (incl GST) plus an initial joining fee of $27.50 (incl GST).

Student, Associate and Veteran Membership is $95.00 per year plus the initial joining fee.

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