Trial Instructional Flight (TIF)

Want to learn how to fly or have  bit of fun? The Trial Instructional Flight is an obligation free, half hour flight designed to give you a taste of what flight training is all about.

 TIF pageYou will be met by an instructor when you arrive and be taken through a quick ground briefing of what to expect during the flight. Your instructor will depart the aerodrome and climb to a safe height where he or she will demonstrate to you some basic flight manoeuvres and hand over the controls to you. You will be encouraged to fly the aeroplane around in the local training area and when you arrive back overhead the aerodrome, your instructor will take over again for landing. Once back on the ground and in the club house your instructor will be available for any questions you may have and can take you through some information about learning to fly and discuss with you some strategies to achieve your flying goals. Should you decide to continue with your flying training, the time you “clock up” in your TIF can be recorded in your log book.

A Trial Instructional Flight is only $125, so come out and try your hand at flying an aeroplane with one of our friendly instructors!

Gift Vouchers are also available if you know someone that would love to learn to fly an aeroplane.