Flight Without Fear

RNAC mentors from the last Flight Without Fear program.

RNAC mentors from the first Flight Without Fear program.

If the idea of flying scares you, we suggest you face your fear head-on and contact Royal Newcastle Aero Club who are running a ‘Flight Without Fear’ course.

We expect that the next course will be run early in 2018. It usually runs from 6:00pm to 9:00pm for 6 weeks, with the Graduation Flight to Brisbane or Melbourne on the weekend after the end of the course.

The course involves behind the scenes excursions to places the general public can only dream about, including the tour of a jet aircraft cockpit and cabin, and the inspection of a real-life air traffic control tower.

These tours are supplemented by detailed information sessions by industry experts who’ll explain aviation safety, flight theory, aircraft design and maintenance, and how pilots and flight crew are trained. This is all supplemented by sessions with Dr Kristine Kafer who’ll discuss best practice psychological strategies.

The course includes 18 hours of training, course notes, a return flight to Brisbane or Melbourne with your mentor, and supper during the training.

For further information please contact Casandra on 0409 419 116.

Newcastle Airport and Psychology Options are proud to partner with the Royal Newcastle Aero Club to bring ‘Flight Without Fear’ to our local community.