Community Operational Undertaking

Pilots are also advised to read, understand and agree to the “Community Operational Undertaking” (COU) which imposes additional limitations that RNAC has agreed with Maitland City Council. A link to COU is below.

Maitland Aerodrome serves the community in many ways and reminds all pilots that such use respects the conditions of the “Community Operational Undertaking”.

Pilots are requested to maintain the extended runway centre line on approach to land and during takeoff for at least 500 metres from the aerodrome boundary (NOT THE THRESHHOLD). This and other limitations to the following are a requirement for all pilots to share in the responsibility to reduce the environmental impact on the surrounding community.

  • Categories of aircraft to be operated
  • Types of operations/activities.
  • Operational hours of the airport
  • Circuit training hours
  • Numbers of aircraft movements
  • Circuit patterns
  • Noise impacts
  • Community Consultation/Complaint handling.