Hangar Development

_Y0C3527Members of the Aero Club can build a hangar on the Airfield, once their plans have been approved by Management.  Choose your own builder and organize construction to comply with the DA approval granted by Maitland City Council.   Our Hangar Licence Agreements provide you with the security of tenure and sets out the terms and conditions of use.

In additional to the Annual Licence Fee, Development Fees are payable and contribute to the cost of providing taxiways, runways, fences, supply of electricity/water to your hangar, preparation of the site and council application fees.

Contact us if you are interested in building a hangar at Maitland Aerodrome and we can provide you with any assistance you may need.

Building a hangar on the aerodrome?

_Y0C3516To secure the site:

  1. Sign the Hangar agreement – specific for your site
  2. Pay 50% of the Development Fees for the site (calculated on hangar footprint excluding outriggers  x $100/m2).  Contribution towards the cost of preparing the site, council fees, taxiways, runways and the supply of electricity & water to your hangar.
  3. Pay 50% of the annual hangar license fee = currently $8.92/m2 for private use & $17.85/m2 for commercial use.

To commence Construction:

  1.   Pay remaining 50% of development fees & hangar license fee

Need to make Members aware of the following issues prior to construction commencing:

  1. All hangar plans to be provided to the Board for approval prior to construction commencing
  2. Member to contact Chris De Wit for the issue of a Construction Certificate – cost is $1400 plus GST (phone 0413 987 066)
  3. Public Liability Insurance is included in hangar license fee
  4. RL for hangar floors to be verified prior to pouring the slab – confirm with Cliff
  5. Members must call Cliff to receive instructions re removal of dirt & location of fill when excavating
  6. Ground around the hangar to be left in the same condition it was found in – can’t spread dirt on area around hangars.