RNAC Instructors

Phil Unicomb is our Chief Flying Instructor, flying from Tuesday to Saturday. Click here for Phil’s Profile.


Trevor Bright

Trevor’s TIF was at RNAC on 30.6.1979; he was Student of the year in 1980 and completed his Instructor Rating in May 1983.  Since August 1983 Trevor has been an honorary instructor at RNAC.  He assisted with the monthly Club Competitions for 8 years, was a member of the Flying Sub Committee for 4 years and a Director for 8 years.  In 1985 Trevor ‘found’ the Tiger Moth and remains a passionate Tiger pilot to this day. Trevor has also received the President’s Trophy on two separate occasions. Trevor also introduced computers to the Aero Club back in 1991, installing the first network in 1995 – he continues to provide all the computer hardware and software maintenance, back up and on call support for the club. Trevor has been awarded Life Membership for his commitment to RNAC over many years.  Trevor is available most Sundays.



Greg Gibbon

Greg started flying 30 years ago as a private pilot.  He worked as a Defence Research Scientist in Adelaide and Canberra, and as a university academic. Greg joined RNAC in 1998 and completed his Instrument Rating in 2002.  This made it easier to enjoy regular trips to visit far-flung family members, mainly in RNAC aircraft until buying a share in a Beech Debonair in 2004. After retiring from University duties he was able to pursue his ambition to become a Flight Instructor, for which he qualified in 2008.  He was privileged to be one of the last students of the legendary Russ Evans.  He finds instructing very rewarding – and has never had a flying student fall asleep during a lesson! Greg is available on Fridays and Sundays at RNAC.  Greg’s ambition is to help with the shortage of Instructors out west, while still living in Newcastle.        





James Rose

James is our Deputy Chief Flying Instructor, available from Friday to Tuesday for all your flight training. James began his career flying charters in the Northern Territory in places such as Alice Springs, Darwin and Timber Creek, prior to his completing his Instructor Rating in 2005.  Since then he has instructed at Bankstown and Cessnock, and has been here at RNAC since 2012. He will be able to assist you with all your training needs and specializes in Night VFR and CPL training.