Board of Directors

The board of directors has a President, Vice President plus seven board members – a total of nine.

If you are interested in nominating for a board position please refer to the attached documents for further information.

Attached is an Induction Checklist for incoming Directors, the Memorandum and Articles, Board Charter, ASIC Directors Responsibilities, Site Induction form and following is a list of all current directors and their contact details.


Neil Cromarty    Mobile: 0428 680903  Email:

Vice President:

Harvey Felton     Mobile: 0410 628344  Email:


Alex Blanch       Mobile: 0409 547 787    Email:

Trevor Bright    Mobile: 0413 603 843    Email:

Peter Eedy         Mobile:  0458 257 135    Email:

Glenn Graham   Mobile: 0408 346 675   Email:

Peter Meguyer   Mobile:  0429 981 301   Email:

Michael Patten    Mobile: 0428 687 733  Email:



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